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BBB: Consumers don’t have control returning defective online retailer products

MILWAUKEE, WI — Multiple complaints, including one from Minnesota, have been sent to the BBB after consumers had difficulty returning defective items from an online retailer.

The items, which are bought from POWR Co., have caused complaints to be received from multiple states, as well as four other countries.

Consumers have said that they have a difficult time getting products to work from POWR Co., which sells cell phone accessories. They also say it’s even more difficult to return the product and receive a resolution.

The company has a F rating from the BBB and uses a UPS store in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin as its address.

The company hasn’t responded to any complaints the BBB has filed, or any other requests, which includes a back up to the claim listed on the website that the product “POWR Premium Wireless Car Charger” is the “#1 rated car charger in the world”.

The BBB has a code of advertising, which lists that any business must back up any advertising claims.

The complaints the BBB has received includes the following:

  • The items not arriving to the consumer
  • Products were defective
  • Consumers were asked to return the products at their own expense
  • Company doesn’t honor its warranty
  • Consumers told by customer service they’re using the product incorrectly
  • Not able to reach customer service after several attempts
  • Company purposely doesn’t respond in a timely fashion, in order to surpass the 30-day return policy stated on their website

Most of the complaints involve the purchase of wireless chargers, with most of the complainants saying they’ve lost between $40-$165 apiece.

The company’s website shows their address and several email addresses, but no phone number, and many of the complaints say they bought the products after seeing the company’s Facebook advertisements.

“A reputable company stands behind its products and responds promptly to customer concerns,” says Jim Temmer, President/CEO of the BBB Serving Wisconsin. “Customers shouldn’t have to jump through so many hoops to return products that either don’t work or weren’t as advertised.”

Click here if you want to file a complaint against the company.

The BBB has some tips to avoid any issues online shopping, which includes:

  • Do some research on the company before you buy a product from them
  • Look for contact information so you can reach the company if a problem arises
  • Pay by credit card, as it will be protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act. Also if your product arrives defective, you can argue the charge and temporary withhold the payment while a creditor investigates the company.
  • Review the terms of the deal, such as the delivery dates and refund policies
  • Keep and save any detailed records of the purchases

For more information regarding the BBB, click here.

Austin Haskins

Meteorologist/Web Producer

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