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Showcasing Twin Ports freight industry

DULUTH, MN — An event Wednesday highlighted local freight initiatives and transportation projects impacting the roads you drive on.

The Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council hosted the event.

Speakers discussed major up-coming projects like the Can of Worms overhaul, work on the Blatnik Bridge, and waterfront improvements.

Officials said being a freight hub is crucial to the Twin Ports economy and these projects work to keep that moving.

The Wisconsin Transportation Secretary, Craig Thompson, said getting heavy, bulk freight off the roads and onto trains and ships is more efficient.

“We’ve heard from some folks who end up shipping from another country on a boat as opposed to just coming in from Minneapolis to Milwaukee because they can do it cheaper because of those costs. In a lot of areas, it’s the cheaper and really environmentally better way to do it if we can move some of those bulk products via water.”

Secretary Thompson added that area companies may have to spend more on labor and production costs, but if they can save on transportation costs, they’ll beat their competitors.

Kristen Vake

Anchor, Reporter

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