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Enbridge offers settlement in lawsuit with Bad River Band

ASHLAND, WI– Enbridge officials have presented an offer to Bad River Band Chairman Michael Wiggins Jr. to settle a case regarding Line 5.

The Bad River Band filed a lawsuit back in July against Enbridge asking them to reroute the pipeline.

An open letter dated September 30 was sent to the Bad River Band, and comes after meeting with Band officials a week prior. According to Enbridge officials, the letter formalizes the settlement offer verbally presented to Wiggins during this meeting.

The settlement breaks down as follows:

-$12 million to settle claims associated with the easements concerning the allotted parcels from 2013 through the end of 2019.
-$2 million paid annually beginning in 2020 until operation of Line 5 on the Reservation is discontinued by Enbridge
-$10 million to the Band upon start up and operation of the new route segment at which time, Enbridge will cease operation on the Bad River Reservation
-Working with individual allottees along the pipeline corridor to reach a separate settlement.

According to Enbridge officials, the Bad River Band hasn’t reached a decision on the offer, and say they’re exploring options to reroute Line 5 outside of the Bad River Reservation.

As of this publication, Bad River Band officials haven’t responded to requests for comment.

Click here to view the settlement offer letter.

Hunter McCullough

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