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Duluth student chosen to be picked up, dropped off at school in fire truck

DULUTH, MN– A Duluth third grader got to ride to school in style Wednesday morning.

Henry, a Congdon Park third grader, was picked up and taken to school in a fire truck.

This is all part of Fire Safety prevention week in Duluth.

His parents say he has been waiting for this opportunity since he was in Kindergarten, and was very excited when he got the call.

He said his goal while on his ride was to ask questions and learn about what firefighters do and more.

While he’s been in a fire station and fire truck before, he said riding in one was something he had never done before.

“I’m going to learn how it moves and all that stuff because I’ve been able, I was once in a fire station and I got to be in a fire truck and I got to see what they have in the fire truck and the gear and that stuff so I almost know everything about it, but I don’t know what its like to ride in it,” Henry said.

Once he arrived at school, his classmates greeted him outside and his class was able to take a tour of the firetruck.

Austin Haskins

Meteorologist/Web Producer

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