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ComfortSystems to offer new program for property managers, landlords

DULUTH, MN — A new program will soon be available to help out property managers and landlords to avoid utility service disruption when switching tenants.

The program will allow the landlord or property manager to resume an account through ComfortSystems once a tenant closes out of their account.

Any accounts in the landlord or manager’s name must be in good condition, and if any accounts are past due, the payment must be made before an account can be transferred.

The form, which is available by clicking here, will include a space to list all properties where the utility account transfer would apply to.

Officials say the application will remain in place for three year terms, and no security deposit will be required in order to participate.

Anyone interested will also be able to apply in person at ComfortSystems, located on Garfield Avenue.

Austin Haskins

Meteorologist/Web Producer

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