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Eye on Parenting: How to properly wear, carry babies

DULUTH, MN — There are plenty of benefits when it comes to baby-wearing – the practice of wearing or carrying a baby – but those benefits could come at a cost if you’re not doing it right.

There are multiple reasons families wear, or carry, babies – not able to push strollers around in the snow, your arms get tired, or creating a special bond.

Joy Herbet, owner of Little Neetchers, which specializes baby products in West Duluth, days it’s important to have that attachment connection, and babies want to be really close to you. She’s also no stranger to the babywearing world.

“With our first, we didn’t do it that much and then with our second when you have a two-year-old and you have a baby it just became essential,” said Herbet.

Essentials that could be confusing for some parents.

“We were like what are our options? Can we find something that works better? That’s more comfortable? That’s easy to get out of the car and into the grocery store?”

Herbert then saw an opportunity to help first-time parents and those interested in the act.

“Every carrier kind of fits everybody different. So, the size of your frame, the size of your shoulders, there’s just a lot of factors so we recommend coming in and trying them on.”

Often times people buy them and they’re not wearing the carrier or wrap right.

She says when they’re comfortable, you can wear a kid for two hours, with no back pain.

“The rule kind of is that the head should be high enough to where you can kiss it. If it’s too low there in an area where maybe they can’t breathe as well and if they’re too high they can be in your face and the head flapping over,” added Herbert.

ERGOBaby and American company specialize in baby carriers, follows the acronym T.I.C.K.S to keep the child safe at all times.

  • T is for “Tight”
  • I is for “In view at all times
  • C is for “Close enough to kiss”
  • K is for “Keep chin off chest”
  • S is for “Supported back”

Starting them young could also benefit you in the long run.

“Sometimes when they start when they’re a little older there can be an adjustment where they don’t want to be in it. So going out and doing things that are fun, going out and doing things where the kid can fall asleep kinda gets them used to being in that position,” says Herbert.

Herbert says whether it’s going on hikes, or for a walk around the block, babywearing shouldn’t be painful.

Lyanne Valdez

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