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Group working to bring robotics facility to Duluth area

DULUTH, MN — The Minnesota Legislature recently allocated $100,000 to help fund five new robotics facilities throughout the state, three of which being outside the Twin Cities area.

Some of that money could be making its way to our region, helping create a new home for the 27 robotics teams within 75 miles of Duluth.

“Since none of the schools in this area have a dedicated practice facility, this robotics center would give us that facility to actually practice with our robot,” David Westerberg, of the Arrowhead Robotics Coalition, says. “We want to have all the teams in this area to have a space where they can come and practice.”

That means coming up with the funds for a 50-percent matching grant and finding a location for the facility.

“We’ve secured those funds already, but we need to find a space within the Duluth area that we can hold this facility at,” Westerberg says.

Westerberg and the Arrowhead Robotics Coalition are currently seeking partners to help bring the hub to life.

“These are the future employees that are going to be working in this area,” Westerberg says.

An investment for generations to come.

“These students will see that this community is behind them and backing them, and that will drive their future decisions on where they want to work and where they want to live,” Westerberg says. “That will keep them in this area and it will keep them interested in employment here.”

The facility must have at least 5,000 square feet of space.

Westerberg says the goal is to have it operating by the start of the new year when the robotics competitive season is in full swing.

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