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Duluth School District planning to re-draw district lines

DULUTH, MN– The Duluth School District is working to re-draw its district lines.

The goal is to give students enough space in the classroom.

Bill Gronseth, Superintendent of Duluth Schools, says the four-phase re-districting process started back in October.

A group of 80 people drew new boundary lines they thought would be effective.

A firm that specializes in re-districting looked at the drawings and made four scenarios that best fit the needs of the district.

Phase 2 happened in mid-November. Focus groups gave feedback on the four scenarios so they could further be refined.

In January Phase 3 will begin. That is when the whole community can weigh in on the new district lines.

Gronseth says this is something the district does every so often because neighborhoods change.

It’s an effort to make sure some schools aren’t over-crowded while others are empty.

That’s why the district wants community feedback.

“There will be open community meetings. There will be online surveys. We are going to have copies of all of those at our schools so people who may not have technological access will be able to respond as well,” Gronseth says.

Phase 4 is expected to happen in February and March.

The Duluth School Board will consider what changes to make based on feedback.

The hope is there will be an official plan by this spring. The new district lines could go into effect as soon as next fall.

John Cardinale

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