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MnDOT’s plow is getting love from across the state

DULUTH,MN– One of the plows cruising Duluth’s street is bearing a little love.

Kids and adults spent the summer signing a plow blade at events all across the state this year.

That includes the Minnesota State Fair.

The goal is to share how MnDOT gets ready to plow, how large the equipment is, and help people understand there’s a reason these plows drive slow.

Chris Cheney MnDOT’s Duluth Maintenance Superintendent says, “It helps people think about too is that, hey these are the folks that leave their Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner tables to get out and plow the roads to make sure everyone else can get home safely.”

Come tomorrow, officials say they plan to use the plow blade so the snow will most likely remove the signatures.

Emma Quinn

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