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Unfinished Business: Greenway looks to make another run

If you watched last year’s tourney… you remember them.

The Greenway hockey team won the hearts of Minnesotan’s everywhere…

…and broke the hearts of their competitors.

“All Summer we’ve had people come up to us and tell us what a good job we’ve done and how fun it was to watch,” senior forward/captain Ben Troumbly said.

Ben Troumbly… responsible for the OT goal that punched the Raider’s ticket into the class A title game.

All the while, however… The junior was battling pain in his shoulder throughout the entire tournament…

The following Monday, he had surgery.

“I did physical therapy a lot, I did a lot of rehab to get it back to normal… it’s good to be back and finally getting back into things.”

Now it’s a new year..and a fresh roster.

“We’re trying to use last year as a positive memory but for us it’s kind of ended like as soon as the whistle blew to start the iron range jamboree, that was a new slate, start all over,” head coach Grant Clafton said.

Troumbly steps in as captain… hoping to follow in the footsteps of those that came before him.

“It was like a tough love, it was like they’re always on you, you always gotta perform your best and be your best.”

But surely the end-season goal… will give the darlings of the range a great shot into another state tournament.

“It helped us not only grow as a team but as people. We got some unfinished business. We fell short in that last game and we gotta make it back.”


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