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Eye on Parenting: Viral FB post pleading people to sleep with doors shut at night

DULUTH, MN-A viral post on Facebook has people thinking twice about the way they sleep.

Experts say it could increase your chance of surviving a house fire.

The post is pleading people to leave their doors shut at night when they go to bed. It has been shared over 100,000 times.

The post shows two sides of one door.

One side is completely scarred with black smoke meanwhile the other door seems barely touched.

One might stop and think, should we be closing our doors at night?

Duluth Fire Marshall Sandy McComb says yes.

"We teach children when we go into schools that they should sleep with their doors closed," says McComb.

Experts say when you have a fire it is the hot and toxic gases that are the ones that are going to hurt you way before the fire even reaches you.

McComb says the door acts as a helping tool.

"If you have the door closed it's going to stop there. And through fire investigations, even the thinnest doors have stopped that heat and gases," says McComb.

McComb says technology can help parents rest easier.

"In this day in age, we have great technology, baby monitors, cameras, everything we can see behind that closed door," said McComb.

Investing in and updating smoke detectors cold also save your life.

"Smoke detectors, it's your first line of defense. That's the first thing that is going to alert you. fresh batteries tested monthly," says McComb.

If your child won't fall asleep with their doors closed experts say talk with them about why it's important to or close the door after they fall asleep.

If you're in need of a fire detector or help with installment-

You can call the American Red Cross in Duluth to set-up a time for a volunteer to come help- free of charge.

That number is (218) 722-0071.

Lyanne Valdez

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