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Conversations about gun control on the Iron Range

HIBBING,MN--Voices heard and opinions clashed today. 

Iron rangers weighed in on proposed gun laws during an on the road senate panel hearing ahead of the 2020 Minnesota legislative session. 

Dan Rivervich a Hibbing native said, "I wanted to speak to you guys as an average law-abiding citizen."

The panel was to make sure all Minnesotan voices were heard.

Officials said in the past voices in the metropolitan area have been mostly shared, and none in rural parts of the state.

Senator Ron Latz said, "To share the opportunity to describe our bills directly to the residents of Northern Minnesota."

Proposed laws range from universal background checks, red flag laws, to making adjustments to laws that will help the court systems.

Laws that some are in favor of.

St. Louis County Attorney Mark Ruben says, "Give us and give law enforcement and prosecutors to find out before, before a person processes a handgun, not after. So I think it's good legislation."

Others, see it differently.

Brian Gosh an NRA Lobbyist says, "We oppose gun control. We oppose this kind of gun control. You cannot stop evil with that legislation."

One thing most do agree on safety.

Rivervich, They're the ones that cause the problems, not the people in this room. And I don't care what side you're on."

The legislative session starts on February 11th.

Emma Quinn

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