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Wisconsin’s U.S. Senators discuss impeachment trial

MADISON, WI-- U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, of Wisconsin, shared his thoughts Wednesday on the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

The republican said in an interview with CBS 3 that Tuesday's discussion went on longer than it should have. He stated the meeting lasted almost 13 hours, with a topic he felt should have taken less than 30 minutes.

The Senator also said the House of Representatives didn't thoroughly handle President Trump's impeachment.

"The House was in a rush to do this impeachment. They did, from my standpoint, a pretty sloppy job. Now they want the Senate to do their job for them. That's really what the argument was about all day yesterday. They're asking us to do what they should have done in a more thorough impeachment inquiry," Johnson said.

The House will have 24 hours to present its case over a period of three days, according to Johnson.
After that, the White House will be given the same time period.

Meanwhile, U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, also of Wisconsin, weighed in on the impeachment trial.

The democrat feels Americans deserve better than a partisan trial.

"The American people deserve better than a partisan trial that conceals evidence, withholds critical documents, and prevents relevant witnesses with firsthand knowledge about President Trump's conduct from testifying and providing us all the facts. Our job is not to support and defend President Trump, it's to support and defend the Constitution and do impartial justice," Senator Baldwin stated.

The impeachment trial is set to continue Thursday.

Hunter McCullough

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