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Pattison State Park turns 100 years-old

DOUGLAS COUNTY, WI-- Pattison State Park in Wisconsin has turned 100 years old.

On Saturday people gathered at the park to celebrate its centennial year.

Fun activities were offered that included a kid's snowshoeing race, a sledding hill and crafts for kids.

Along with the activities, refreshments were provided.

The park is famous for its two well-known waterfalls, Big Manitou Falls and Little Manitou Falls.

At 165 feet tall, Big Manitou Falls is the largest waterfall in Wisconsin.

100 years ago Martin Pattison, a lumberman, and miner bought the park to save it.

Kevin Feind works at the park and explains why Pattison bought the park.

"He bought 660 acres of land around here because he heard that there were plans for a hydroelectric dam that would ruin Manitou Falls. So he donated the 660 acres to protect it and he donated it to the state of Wisconsin," Feind said.

Pattison became a Wisconsin State Park on January 20, 1920.

John Cardinale

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