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Superior bombarded with hearts as part of historic preservation campaign

SUPERIOR, WI - Why are you seeing so many hearts around Superior Wednesday?

Here's Why: The Superior Preservation Alliance participated in a national trend called 'heart bombing'.

That's where they went around Wednesday morning placing huge hearts on historic places.

They hope the hearts show the community 'this place matters'.

One member of the Superior Preservation Alliance hopes this campaign could even help the economy.

"For our community, it really lays out economic opportunity. Historic preservation is really good in terms of tourism. Also more of the costs are spent on local labor and less on materials," Superior Preservation Alliance member, Garner Moffat, said.

The preservation alliance plans to continue this event each year, but they'll also want to host other events to shine light on Superior's historic buildings.

Their next meeting is March 9th.

Ramona Marozas

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