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Police share tips to keep kids from strangers

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DULUTH,MN-- It doesn't happen often but it can happen anywhere, at any time.

After an attempted abduction child in Duluth in which a suspect apparently tried to lure a child with the promise of a puppy, Duluth police are sharing tips on how to stay safe.

Officials say parents should have conversations and prepare kids on what to do.

"Mentally preparing for these things is a huge part of what can make the difference between life or death," says Community Officer Jim Forsyth.

Officials at First Witness Child Advocacy Center say it's important for parents to have conversations with their kids.

Executive Director Tracie Clanaugh"We encourage parents and kiddos to sit down together to build that safety plan. To talk about what they're fearful about, to talk about the resources they see in their neighborhood."

Police say kids should know their routes and be aware of their surroundings.

Forsyth says, "Make sure they know their neighbors, know the houses they can run too, know the people that they can trust."

Officials want to tell kids that if something doesn't feel right they should always trust their gut.

Clanaugh says, "Stop whatever is going on, walk away, run away, tell an adult."

"If it doesn't feel right and it feels funny don't approach them. If it's somebody that they don't know and don't recognize you don't have to talk to them," says Forsyth.

Police say there are GPS tracking devices parents can purchase they can go right in a child's backpack or pocket.

Also having the most up to date information and photos of your child can be a big help for the police if an amber alert is needed.

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Emma Quinn

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