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Caucus system in Minnesota different than year’s past, but still important to the GOP and DFL

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DFL Caucus at Denfeld High-School

DULUTH, MN-- With no presidential caucus in Minnesota this year there's still a reason to gather for both the DFL and the GOP.

"It helps shape our parties platform, shape our parties leadership and ultimately nominate local leaders to take us into November elections," said Chris Rubesch, Senate District 7 DFL chair.

The process looking different this year, as both parties are focusing more on key issues that could be taken to the next political convention.

Eventually, those resolutions could become a part of the party platform.

"We want to discuss and review comprehensive sex education programs in the cities and also social justice in the school system," said Gary Bergquist, Representative District 7B Chair for the GOP.

The DFL is hoping to attract new members to strengthen the party Tuesday night, while the GOP has different goals.

"Support our local candidates, state candidates, and eventually vote for the president," said Bergquist.

GOP Caucus at Lincoln Park Middle School

While the caucuses aren't so much about who the future president could be, both parties feel the events are valuable and provide an opportunity to elect delegates who can shape the community.

"A lot of governing happens locally not just at the city level but also the state capitol. So having a direct say in who represents us down in St. Paul is important," said Rubesch.

After tonight each party will look at delegates and issues discussed.

They will gather again in March for party conventions to move forward towards electing candidates for office.

John Cardinale

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