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Teaching young minds during ‘Construct Tomorrow’ event

DULUTH, MN --Choosing a career path is hard, but an event in Duluth is hoping to open students' minds to a line of work not all kids consider.

Molding high schooler's into future trades-workers.

"I'm just trying to see the different fields I can go into and what ones I may like more.", Mentioned Landon Tubbs, an 11th Grader at Grand Rapids.

That's the goal of the fifth annual "Construct Tomorrow" workshop being held at the DECC.

The event gives high schooler's hands on activities to help open their minds to different career paths early on.

Landon Tubbs, a junior at Grand Rapids High School says he's grateful to have this eye-opening opportunity.

"I kinda want go into the construction field somewhere but I just didn't know which one, and this has helped a lot.", Stated Tubbs.

From the hospital expansions, to superior street redesign, to the twin ports interchange project; construction is plentiful in Duluth, and Mayor Emily Larson believes getting young minds educated early will be beneficial later on.

"The workforce is paving..literally paving our way here in the community for new roads, for housing and for businesses in our area, and its an item of real importance for us.", said Mayor Larson.

This event not only connects students with future opportunities, but there's also a chance for adults to learn more about apprenticeships.

"Most of the job opportunities that I've ever known of were either really high paying where you need a four year degree, or really low paying like working at McDonald or a fast food place. This type of job I didn't really know anything about, it fits right in the middle we make pretty good money, it's for someone like me who wants to be hands on.", States Tyrone Walker, an Iron Worker Apprentice.

An event helping shape students at a young age to put them on path for success.

Construct Tomorrow runs though Wednesday night.

There's also a separate event called the Duluth Construction Career Night to connect students and adults with apprenticeship opportunities. That will be held from 5 to 6:30 both nights at Paulucci Hall.

Kaitlyn Moffett

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