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showrunner for Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ shares secrets with St. Scholastica students

DULUTH, MN-- A Hollywood showrunner, whose big achievements including working on the Netflix series "Stranger Things," shared secrets of the business with students at St. Scholastica Tuesday.

Karl Gajdusek is a writer, producer, playwright and executive producer. He talked about the skills required of a showrunner and how content creators can connect with showrunners and producers to advance a project.

Gajdusek shared advice and tips students should remember when starting out their careers. The main takeaway was to learn to write strong stories and find a mentor who challenges them.

"Having a fresh, authentic voice is crucial to success in Hollywood, but being successful is about being willing to learn," Gajdusek said.

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Molly Wasche

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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