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Costco alters course, no longer building in Duluth

DULUTH, MN-- Bulk-chain retailer Costco will not be building a store in Duluth.

In a statement from the city, they said, "The City of Duluth worked for months to advocate with and for Costco and have enjoyed a very positive working relationship. We are proud to lead with our values of expectation that local financial investment on the part of the city yields specific local job creation. Together with Costco, we found a great way to achieve this," the statement read.

A city spokesperson said they could neither confirm nor deny Costco was no longer building in the city.

However, the statement continued, "We’re [the city] hopeful Costco chooses to revisit their decision and we’re ready to continue to work in support of them if they do."

It is unclear at this time if Costco is considering building in a neighboring city.

Reporter Anthony Matt

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