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On hold: UMD runner’s recovery paused due to COVID-19

Duluth, Minn. -- "For me personally, it’s been really hard."

Although UMD senior Elizabeth Kyes was planning to redshirt her senior season of track… the halting of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic has halted a lot more.

“I got an MRI before this whole thing happened and this whole thing has halted trying to figure out what’s wrong with my foot, the results, getting treatment, I was supposed to see a rheumatologist and that’s not happening for another month until all of this dies down. And I’m trying to get healthy before cross country season, so I’m trying to get healthy before all of it.”

Now it’s just about playing the waiting game… and getting healthy any way she can.

“I try to stay in routine so it’s a lot of homework. It almost seems like we have more work now then we did when we had in-person sessions.”

Kyes also pitches in around her dad’s farm, collecting maple syrup as a workout…

Kyes has also been adamant about staying in touch with her track family…

“It’s been really hard, I’ve just been trying to keep everyone motivated being a senior and a captain on the team, you just gotta put a smile on your face even if you’re frustrated. We try to text and FaceTime but it’s not the same for sure.”

Especially the seniors… who will likely never run collegiate track again.

“Knowing that their season ended… it’s so hard because I know they’re devoted. But just recapping on all the things they did throughout their career and what they can do next is really exciting.”



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