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Breaking Barriers: Tamara Moore hired as Mesabi Range men’s basketball coach

DULUTH, MN-- Back in 1998… Tamara Moore was busy leading Minneapolis North to a state champions… while simultaneously coaching the freshman girls’ team… so you could say she always had the desire to coach.

“My goal was to coach college wherever that was. Whether that be men’s, women’s, I didn’t care,” said Moore.

After an illustrious four years at Wisconsin, six-years with the WNBA… Moore is taking her talents to the next level… on the iron range… 

Becoming just the second female to ever coach a men’s collegiate basketball program.

“For this to be the first opportunity and for it to be historic… I’m just going to do my best not to mess it up.”

Coaching men is nothing new for Moore… having coached semi-professional men’s basketball before this.

“The game itself is nothing different. You have a ball, their goal is to put it in the basket and stop the other team from scoring”

Simple as that. 

“I think the biggest thing is getting guys coming into their own, more independence  coming out of high school. But the game itself is going to be the same.”

Moore’s wasted no time in stacking her team either… she already has seven new commitments.

A majority of which come from North Minneapolis, where Moore grew up, played high school basketball and has coached for the last few years… a place near and dear to her heart.

“Five of them are from the Minneapolis North area and are actually from the inner city. So that’s important to me to give back and open doors for others. I’m excited to do that.”


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