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Duluth Pack makes gowns for donation


DULUTH, MN -- A Duluth company with more than a century of business under its belt is shifting gears during the covid-19 pandemic.

Duluth Pack has brought all their workers back to the factory to sew hospital gowns for healthcare workers.

President and CEO Tom Sega said the company's initial goal is to make 1,000 gowns and donate them to hospitals all over the country.

Sega said it's been tough to get enough material to make the gowns.

Luckily another local business, Stormy Kromer, a cap maker in Ironwood, Michigan stepped up to help.

"Very good friends of ours, Bob and I have known each other for many years, and we just started working on supply chain, and how can we get materials, how we can get the labor, and how we can pull this off and make it happen, so the front line workers can get that the need is right now, and that's a lot of gowns," said Sega.

Sega said these gowns could be used by healthcare workers right here in the northland.

Meteorologist Alex Libby

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