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PolyMet asks Minnesota Supreme Court to review air permit ruling

ST. PAUL, MN -- PolyMet leaders are calling on the state's highest court to review a lower court's ruling surrounding a permit necessary for the company to move ahead with its plans for a copper nickle mine on the Iron Range.

According to PolyMet officials, they filed a Petition for Review to the Minnesota Supreme Court Tuesday.

PolyMet is seeking to overturn a state Court of Appeals ruling from March 23, which returned the company’s air permit to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

“The Court of Appeals’ decision creates regulatory uncertainty that could have far-reaching, negative
implications for businesses seeking permits in the state,” Jon Cherry, president and CEO of PolyMet, said.

This is the second petition the company has made to the Supreme Court to review a Court of Appeals’

PolyMet's proposal to build an underground copper nickle mine near Hoyt Lakes has drawn controversy from environmentalists who are concerned about the mine's possible impact on nearby water sources. Supports of the project tout the jobs it would bring to the region.

Briggs LeSavage

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