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Stauber legislation calls on manufacturers to use domestic minerals

HERMANTOWN, MN -- In the last few weeks we've seen half of the mines on the Iron Range layoff employees and shut down operations due to the steel industry taking a hit from of COVID-19.

On Tuesday, Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) introduced legislation in hopes of making sure critical minerals used in the United States come from American soil.

It's called the Securing America’s Critical Minerals Supply Chain Act.

According to the Congressman, the goal is to incentivize American manufacturers to purchase critical minerals domestically.

In a statement, Representative Stauber said, "My legislation would take an important step to end our reliance on untrustworthy foreign nations by incentivizing American manufacturers to purchase critical minerals that have been processed here in the United States."

Kristen Vake

Anchor, Reporter

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