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Breweries make plans for outdoor seating

ursa minor
ursa minor parking lot
hoops brewing
hoops parking lot

DULUTH,MN-- Memorial Day weekend is usually a time where breweries would see an uptick in sales.

But this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed that with many not able to seat customers until Monday under Governor Walz's "Stay at Home" order.

Many Duluth breweries have been closed for several weeks, with hopes to soon see their customers.

"This whole pandemic I've been thinking in June sometime we'll be able to open in stages and that might still be the case, but now it might be July," said Hoops Brewing owner Dave Hoops.

Hoops are now making new plans as they might not be able to bring customers in for a few more weeks.

Those new plans involved continuing their curbside services, but have the ability to involve their parking lot.

Hoops said, "The opportunity to possibly build an outdoor beer garden, we're working on that."

For breweries like Ursa Minor who already have the outdoor seating the planning process is a little easier.

Co-Founder Ben Hugus said, "We're counting ourselves as one of the lucky few to have an already established outdoor space, with an accessible parking lot."

Both breweries are working with the city to get proper permitting something they say has gone smothly.

"The city of Duluth has been good about getting permits and navigating those things," said Hugus.

Hoops says the process has been changed to give business owners more time to finalize plans.

"Their relaxing some of the standards, or at least some of the process. Usually there is a lot of paperwork and time invovled."

Both breweries have changed their hours since they were mandated to close under Walz's initial order.

For Hoops, they are open 2p.m. to 6p.m. and Ursa Minor is open 1p.m. to 7p.m. for curbside pickup.

Both owners say once they re-open hours will likely be adjusted.

Emma Quinn

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