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Huskies hold out hope for season

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DULUTH, MN- The Duluth Huskies were dealt a blow back in April when Mayor Emily Larson announced that Wade Stadium will be closed until at least July 1st.

But the team hasn't lost hope on a new season.

"With the cancellation, postponement if you will of the 4th of July fireworks and cancellation of some of the other events going on in July. We're hoping that we're going to be able to start at some point," said owner Michael Rosenzweig.

In North Dakota, the Bismarck Larks will get to play as early as June 15th. With a set-up that has never been done before.

"That will sort of be like a pod area and they're going to have a couple, two or three teams there, that will continue to play each other," added Rosenzweig.

And the Huskies may follow suit with a few other teams.

"We may have that same thing happen with Duluth and some of the other teams in Minnesota. We just don't know exactly when that would start," said Rosenzweig.

A saved season will be crucial for the players as well as the league, which has made adjustments to the active roster, giving more opportunities.

"Our rosters have been expanded from 30 to 35 which allows you to have five players, two position players, and three pitchers, that you can have in town ready to go in case of injury or something along those lines," said GM Greg Culver.

As for the time being, the team is making the necessary steps to ensure baseball is played at the Wade this year.

"We (the Huskies) have been working with our hospital purveyor St. Luke's to come up with a plan that we hope to present to the city and to our host families to let them know how we're going to be testing, not only asking the questions, the infrared thermometer checks on a daily basis and all the other testing that would need to happen," added Rosenzweig.

But above all else the team realizes the seriousness of the current circumstances.

"As much as I love baseball and everybody else loves baseball. Health and safety of our fans and of our host families, everyone involved, players and coaches, is top-notch and that's what we're most concerned with," said Rosenzweig.

The organization says that if the season is canceled entirely at Wade Stadium, season ticket holders will be able to have their tickets honored for the 2021 season.

Neil Vierzba

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