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Welty announces candidacy for Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District


DULUTH, MN -- Former Duluth School Board Member Harry Welty announced Monday he will run as a republican in Minnesota's 8th Congressional District primary election in August.

Welty will face off against incumbent and republican Rep. Pete Stauber, who is currently in his first term in the 8th District seat.

Welty lost to Stauber during the 8th District primary election back in 2018.

"I ran as a protest candidate against a fake Republican, Trumplican Congressman Pete Stauber two years ago," Welty said. "Because he has failed to separate himself from Trump he will have no credibility with next year's all-but-certain Democratic Congress. Because I have a long history of opposing Trump I will have the credibility to work with Democrats and more importantly to call them to account when they overreach.

Democrat Quinn Nystrom is also seeking the 8th District seat.

Her former challengers and democrats Gaylene Spolarich and Soren Sorensen have both dropped out of the race after the Minnesota DFL announced its endorsement for Nystrom in May.

Minnesota's primary election is August 11.

Hunter McCullough

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