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Northland activists to participate in panel discussing death of George Floyd

DULUTH, MN -- A panel of Northland, Twin Cities and other activists are holding a virtual gathering Wednesday night reacting to the death of George Floyd.

The purpose of the 6 p.m. panel is to discuss how to build a movement that can end deadly encounters with police.

Socialist Resurgence is teaming up with Save the Kids to host this virtual panel they hope will build awareness of the issue.

The panel will be broadcast on ZOOM here and on Facebook here.

The hosts listed the current panelists as follows:

-Rene Ann Goodrich, educator, Indigenous activist on police violence: Native Lives Matter
-Toshira Garraway, member of Families Supporting Families Against Police Brutality and activist in Twin Cities
-Aurora Moon, youth activist in Duluth
-Kathryne Ford, youth activist in Duluth
-Stefani Levi, member of SR-Twin Cities (participant in demonstrations)
-Lucas Alan Dietsche, member of Lake Superior SR and North Save the Kids
-Dan Piper, Public School teacher and Socialist Resurgence candidate for State Representative in Connecticut

George Floyd

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