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Duluth businesses counting days until they can reopen under new order

DULUTH, MN-- Business owners will be the first to admit that the announcement Friday by Governor Walz was a long time coming.

"Good news has been a little hard to come by the last few months. This is a ray of sunshine on a sunny day!"

Walz loosened restrictions on indoor dining, gyms, and entertainment.

President of Duluth Local Restaurant Association, Tony Bronson said though it is nice to at least have outdoor dining, indoor dining is what area restaurants specialize in.

"Indoor dining is where we have our best control and pieces in place," said Bronson.

Restaurants will no longer need to be on mother nature's good side.

"We know that the weather could change five minutes from now but when we don't have indoor dining to fall back on, that's a problem," said Bronson.

Under Walz's order, establishments are able to operate 50 percent capacity indoors, Bronson said it's not the main course, but it's a start.

"50 percent indoors still isn't sustainable but it gets us closer. It allows us to bring back more staff," said Bronson.

For Crossfit Duluth, a fitness gym, operating at 25 percent will help big time.

"Being open is going to help us financially," said Owner, Dale Kollison.

Normally they would have 20 to 25 people per class but under the new order, they're only allowing eight.

"We have space to spread people out and everyone will have their own equipment," said Kollison.

Though they've lost a few members during the shutdown, a couple have stuck around.

"We have a core group of people who are the most wonderful people in the world who have helped us keep the doors open," said Kollison.

The gym has added more class times to accommodate fewer people being able to attend.

Lyanne Valdez

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