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City by City 6/26/20

Hibbing: Engines are revving at Hibbing Raceway

The engines are once again revving up at the Hibbing raceway after a four-month hiatus due to COVID-19. On Wednesday the Hibbing city council voted unanimously to reopen the raceway and the first event of the season is scheduled to take place this Saturday at 6:30 PM. The raceway will be following strict guidelines upon reopening and social distancing will be enforced between guests. Hand sanitizer stations will also be provided. The raceway is also requesting exact change for tickets to avoid overhandling money.

Ely: Harvest Moon Festival still on in Ely

Covid-10 has already had a major impact on the people of Ely. The city has had to cancel several Summer events, reorganize its Fourth of July parade, and some businesses have even closed. However, the Harvest Moon Festival may still happen this year! The Festival is scheduled to take place on September 11th through the 13th. That could still change however, the city council is set to discuss a possible cancellation on the 28th of July.

Ashland: Historical Society Museum reopens

The Ashland Historical Society Museum will reopen its doors starting July 3rd. The museum was forced to close 15 weeks ago due to COVID-19…museum operators say the reopening is a landmark but one they are approaching with caution. Museum patrons will be required to wear masks and use a hand sanitizer station posted at the door. The museum is operated by an all-volunteer staff and the precautions are set in place to protect them as well as the public.

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