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UMD hockey returns to limited, socially-distanced voluntary workouts

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Duluth, Minn. -- UMD athletics began the process of starting to allow student-athletes back on campus on Monday. Approximately 100 student-athletes are moving in this week…

With a whole lot of restrictions and safety protocols in place, of course. The UMD men's hockey team was out in limited voluntary workouts earlier today. In order to be cleared, athletes must complete a daily symptom questionnaire via an online app.

Individuals will be required to wear face coverings/masks, practice physical distancing, sanitize their hands regularly, and only be on campus during their designated workout time.

Athletes are also screened for their temperature before any scheduled workouts begin… there is also no access to locker rooms, showers or player lounges.

With 100 students moving in, that leaves a lot of people still quarantined. That includes Nick Swaney and Noah Cates who are in their respective hometowns.

"It's not much different, you kind of have to do some more individual things which I kind of like to do in the summer anyways. But if you were to do like a two-on-one drill, you're pretty gassed if you're going every time," said captain Noah Cates. "It's been different that way. I've had good groups that I'm skating with and I feel like it's been getting better and better every time. I'm optimistic for July and August coming in with the season."

"In the summer I like to focus on doing a lot more skill stuff and individual work which. So it's kind of not different too much in that sense but obviously just having to go to the rink. I'm sure having to get ready at home rather than at the rink for sure makes a difference," said assistant captain Nick Swaney. "Kind of brings you back to when you were younger and you used to get dressed at home. I think it's kind of funny in that sense. Nothing's been different in terms of skating, but just the whole aspect of it I guess is different."


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