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Ashland, Bayfield County issue warnings against large gatherings

ASHLAND, WI -- Ashland and Bayfield County Public Health issued an Emergency Advisory Friday against gatherings and events, especially of 250 people or more.

According to a release, the warnings follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, which "do not recommend gatherings of more than 250 people at this time."

These gatherings include both indoor and outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, conferences, parades, weddings, or sporting events.

The counties warn that large events that draw people from multiple communities are strongly discouraged because they accelerate the spread of the virus and make physical distancing difficult.

The advisory does not apply to schools, religious gatherings, or essential services.

Area event organizers are being asked to follow the advisory or postpone plans until a later date.

Already scheduled events asked to coordinate with local public health staff on a COVID-19 prevention plan.

Cade Klimek

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