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Sawyer County Board of Supervisors approve resolution reaffirming 2nd Amendment rights

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SAWYER CO.,WI-- On Thursday night the Sawyer County Board of Supervisors voted on a resolution affirming the county’s support of the second amendment.

The non-binding resolution passed 9-6.

"Some may say it’s merely symbolic but I think it sends a strong message that we support our constitution and we will continue to do that," said Jesse Boettcher, County Board Supervisor for District 2.

Boettcher was one of the 9 board members that voted in support of the resolution.

He said although the resolution is non-binding, it tells residents the county won't support future gun control laws or any law that infringes on constitutional rights.

“It doesn’t say we are actively going to take measures to prevent any of your rights from being in fringed but it says that if that does happen we’re not going to support it," said Boettcher.

The resolution has been in the works since last year.

Troy Morgan is one of the 6 supervisors who voted against the resolution.

He thinks the vote may have been unnecessary.

“I do believe we are agents of the state and we have this in place already. If we want to change something we do that through our elected officials and through the courts," said Troy Morgan, Board Supervisor District 4.

With everything that is going on right now Morgan said that this was not a priority.

“All of the northern counties have so many other issues they need to be working on," Morgan said.

Of the 72 counties in Wisconsin about half a dozen have passed resolutions similar to this.

If you would like to view the resolution you can click here.

Natalie Grant

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