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National Weather Service to survey, after confirmed tornado in Maple, WI

Courtesy: Rawlie Hart
Courtesy: Rawlie Hart
Courtesy: Rawlie Hart
Courtesy: Rawlie Hart

MAPLE, WI-- Thunderstorms and lightning scattered across the Northland Friday night, including a confirmed tornado in Maple Wisconsin.

Duluth National Weather Service Meteorologist Joe Moore said, "We had a few rounds of some strong severe thunderstorms that went across the Northland last night."

Severe weather continued into the early morning hours.

The damage was not entirely what the NWS predicted.

"The wind damage was a little more sporadic than we anticipated, but we did still get a lot of reports of wind damage," said Moore.

The damage included a small tornado that came through the Maple and Blueberry Wisconsin area. Moore said, "Late in the night around one to two a.m. on radar it looks like we were detecting signatures of brief, quick tornado spin-ups."

The NWS has received damage reports from spotters on Saturday.

Several came from the area near County Highway Road O.

The NWS is working with the Douglas County Emergency Management to find out where the damage starts and ends.

Moore said, "We're going to take all the information that we can get from the county, from our spotters and other information that we have. We may go out and do a survey."

If you see any significant damage in your area you are asked to contact the National Weather Service through Facebook or Twitter.

Emma Quinn

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