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Korean War Veteran’s remains brought home, 70 years later

francis funeral1
francis funeral

SUPERIOR, WI-- A bittersweet morning Saturday for the family of Korean War veteran Francis Rochon or 'Sonny' as the family calls him.

"A lot of closure, I know he's here now," said Rochon's sister Marian Klein.

The veteran's remains had been missing for 70 years, until earlier this month.

He was reported missing in action on September 1, 1950, near Changnyeong, South Korea.

The Army officially declared Rochon deceased on Dec. 31, 1953, and declared his remains non-recoverable January 16, 1956.

Several years later with the help of the American Graves Registration Service Group (AGRSG) and anthropological evidence, Rochon's remains were identified.

Klien said her family has spent the last 20 years trying to recover Sonny's remains. "Overwhelmed, emotional. It's been an emotional ride all week."

Klien, one of Rochon's three younger sisters said bringing him home means closure.

"He is home now and that was our goal and our blessings have been answered."

Adding, her parents would've been speechless, "Dad left this world not knowing where his son was, not knowing if he'd ever make it back home and so did mom."

Closure for the family who thought they would never reunite with Sonny.

"My cousin just showed us a box of letters he had that was in my grandma's home from him," said Klien. "So we are going to sit down sometime in the near future and go over them."

But Saturday all that pain went away.

Rochon will be buried at the Summit Cemetery in Foxboro, WI next to his dad.

Emma Quinn

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