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Flooding situation worsens on Pigeon Lake following weekend storm

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DRUMMOND, WI -- An ongoing problem for residents living on a northwest Wisconsin lake has gotten a whole lot worse.

For two years, people living on Pigeon Lake near Drummond, have been living with a nightmare.

Constant rainfall has dramatically increased lake levels and homes continue to get swallowed up by rising water.

"When I take my kayak over there I often break down into tears," said Sandy MacLaughlin, Pigeon Lake homeowner.

Homes are almost underwater, and others are just left vacant due to the flooding in the last two years.

"Disturbing, to say the least. I never thought it would get this high but my father in law would be turning over in his grave," said MacLaughlin.

For the MacLaughlin's out of Rochester, Minnesota their second home on Pigeon lake has yet to face any damages.

"We haven’t because we are on a concrete slab, still about 14 inches from the water being at the slab."

While their home hasn't been damaged, their water and septic tanks are underwater, rendering them useless.

MacLaughlin jokes, "We say it’s like luxury camping actually."

As the flooding problem continues, the MacLaughlin’s are still hopeful the water won’t make its way into their home but say it’s out of their control.

"Well, springs eternal as they say. Oh if we only knew."

For now, it's neighbors helping neighbors, waiting for some sort of help from the government, and relief from the seemingly neverending rain.

Ryan Compeau

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