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UWS outlines COVID plan as students return to school

SUPERIOR, WI -- Students returning to the University of Wisconsin-Superior campus will notice some pretty big changes at the start of the fall semester to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Some changes include major redesigns to classrooms, like reducing lecture hall classes from more than 100 students to 30.

They'll also block off seats to help space students out.

Common areas and fitness facilities will also look different. Most of the workout equipment have been spaced out to maximize social distancing.

Facility superintendent Mark Graves said the school has also installed a new air filtration system.

The smaller class sizes mean UWS will have to rely more on virtual education for the fall semester.

UWS spokesperson Jordan Milan says they'll use a hybrid learning model with some classes meeting on campus and others online.

She hopes that will help all students access the courses they need to graduate.

Milan adds that the school is preparing for a possible COVID outbreak on campus and are working to stay in line with CDC guidelines even as they change.

UWS' classes begin on September 2.

Chance Fortune

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