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Grandma’s Marathon adds female runner to logo for 45th anniversary

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DULUTH, MN-- For 45 years the Grandma's Marathon logo has looked the same, showing three male runners off to the races.

"It's our traditional logo, that we've had since day one," said Executive Director Shane Bauer.

But, for the 45th marathon anniversary, organizers decided it was time for a change.

By adding a female runner in the middle, front, and center.

"To add that women's division representation in there is something we've talked about for quite a while," Bauer said. "And we thought with the 45th anniversary it was the right time to make such a change."

Bauer said adding female representation to the logo was long overdue.

But he hopes it'll add some positivity to the Twin Ports, as the 45th marathon had to be canceled due to COVID-19.

"But glad we're able to time it with everything going on right now and throw some positive light onto the organization," said Bauer.

He said this change represents all who run in their races as well as work for the organization.

"It reflects and fields with a majority of women in most races these days," added Bauer. "But certainly, for our organization as well, which has been women for a long time within the Grandma's Marathon organization."

Grandma's Marathon officials are hopeful they'll be able to host a 45th-anniversary marathon and races next June.

Emma Quinn

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