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Biden touts unions, jobs plan during northern Minnesota visit

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HERMANTOWN, MN -- Fighting for the American worker. That was democratic nominee Joe Biden's message Friday as he made a campaign stop in northern Minnesota.

it wasn't long after touching down at Duluth's Monaco Air that Biden got to work hoping to win the votes of Minnesotans especially those here in the Northland.

The former VP honed in on the things that built the northern part of the state including unions and mining in hopes of keeping Minnesota blue come November.

"Time to take the country back folks, and it's going to start today with voting in Minnesota," said Biden after touring a union training facility in Hermantown.

The presidential hopeful spent his time in the Northland meeting with union members, residents, and local firefighters.

While making his pitch to Minnesotans, Biden focused on the importance of unions, good-paying jobs, and creating an economy that works for every American no matter their economic status.

"I have a big ambitious plan that bets on the American worker. My plan is going to create millions of good-paying jobs building the products and technologies that we need now and in the future and it starts with a pretty basic idea: when the government spends taxpayer's money, it should use it to buy American products, made by American workers."

Part of that plan includes improving infrastructure across the United States and right here at home.

"We're going to invest over time two trillion dollars to build resilient infrastructure - roads, bridges, ports, right here along these Great Lakes," said Biden. "1.5 million new affordable housing units, high-speed broadband for every American household, more important than ever as we're educating our children from home because he has no plan for how to open our schools."

The former VP spoke about the ongoing response to the pandemic and the current administration's response.

"So many lives lost unnecessarily because the president is only worried about the stock market and his presidency," said Biden.

A big focus of his speech was about building up the middle class.

"It's about time we start to pay essential workers for the fact that they're essential. The blinders have been taken off the American people, they're ready to insist that minimum wage is $15 an hour."

Biden spoke about healthcare and his plans for it, should he take office.

"I have a clear plan. I guarantee lower prices in America for drugs by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, which he said he would do, the house and senate were ready to do it and he said he would veto it if he got it."

While recounting the last four years, Biden said he doesn't believe President Trump's leadership is not what the country needs moving forward.

"We're so much better than this. This is the United States of America. It's time to stand up - democrats, and republicans. I'm going to be president of the United States, not president of the democratic party."

Biden made one final plea to voters, that they choose his name on the ballot come November.

"We must unite. That's the only way we can move forward, and I believe the American people are ready for it."

Kristen Vake

Anchor, Reporter

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