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Duluth restaurants make preparations as cold weather brings guests back inside

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DULUTH, MN -- Fall is here and with it come cooler temperatures which are not exactly ideal for outdoor dining.

With winter around the corner, restaurants are having to make changes to keep their guests safe as they move inside.

This summer's nice weather was a much-needed win for places like Grandma's Restaurants to keep guests dining outside.

Now, they are turning their focus to making sure their restaurants are safe indoors.

"We're going to be putting up Plexiglas in-between booths, we're going to be continuing to make sure our facilities are as sanitized as possible because we want to make sure things are as safe as possible for our staff and our guests," said Tony Bronson, Director of Business Development for Grandma's Restaurant.

Plexiglas dividers are something other area restaurants are using as well.

Fitgers has already installed them at the Brewhouse, as well as their other restaurant, Burrito Union.

"We have booths that we were not able to use this summer, but with the Plexiglas dividers that have given by the state of Minnesota as an 'OK' in order to use these unused booths again we can increase the number of people inside while keeping them a distance," said Tom Cusack, Assistant General Manager at Fitgers Brewhouse.

Both restaurants are taking on these installations without any financial support in hopes of keeping guests safe while still being able to operate this winter.

"Obviously it's not a permanent fix, but who knows into the future it could remain a permanent fixture in the restaurants," said Cusack.

In a time with still many unknowns, they are confident that changes like this will keep doors open as the snow starts to fall.

Both restaurants tell us they are looking into things like space heaters to prolong the patio season as long as possible.

They also encourage curbside for those not comfortable sitting inside.

Natalie Grant

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