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City by City 10/13/20

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Grand Rapids: Three opportunities to give blood in November

Starting off in Itasca County where resident blood donors have three opportunities to give blood during the month of November. The Elder Circle will hold three different blood drives in both Grand Rapids and Coleraine. The first will be on November 5th at the Itasca Clinic and Hospital. The second will be November 10th at Greenway High School in Coleraine, and the third will be on November 11th at the YMCA in Grand Rapids. You can set an appointment to donate online at the memorial blood centers hero hub website.

Ely: The hunt is on this Friday

Now heading up to Ely where the fourth year of the annual Ely Stone Stash is about to get underway. Each year local artist Joe Baltich hides painted rocks across town and invites the community to find them! The rocks are currently being hidden and the search kicks off this Friday at 10 AM. There are nearly 100 rocks to be found this year, and if you are lucky enough to find a golden eagle or golden moose painted one, you could win a print from Baltich.

Virginia: D.A.V asks donors to hold off

And finally, we finish off in Virginia where the Disabled Veterans of America nonprofit is asking residents to hold off on their donations. The D.A.V accepts clothing through collection boxes and then sells them to fund their programs. However…due to COVID-19 the facility the D.A.V normally brings the clothes to is closed. They are asking donors to hold on to those clothing items until things are able to get back to normal.

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