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Hartley Nature Center fundraising with popular pies

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DULUTH, MN-- A local nature center is selling a sweet treat, hoping to keep their students' minds fed.

Hartley Nature Center is raising money selling Betty's Pies. This is their third year selling the desserts.

They'll use the proceeds to buy a winter tent and a stove.

That means their students can stay entirely outside during preschool, even in the colder months.

It's an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus while educating students year round.

"In past winters, we have never missed a day outside. We go outside, even if its for five minutes, back inside, back outside, inside, outside again and a winter camping tent will allow us to do that without having to have as much indoor time along with it," said Hartley Nature Center Preschool Director Kaitlin Erpestad.

Click here to donate to Hartley Nature Center.

Bonney Bowman

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