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New housing project to serve people in need

decker dwellings

DULUTH, MN-- A community housing group celebrated the start of new construction, geared toward the homeless and people with disabilities.

One Roof Community Housing says construction has started on the new Decker Dwellings Project.

It'll be located on Decker Road in the Duluth Heights neighborhood.

The three story building will have 42 units, including one, two, and three bedroom apartments.

Four units will be reserved for high priority homeless people and five will serve people with disabilities.

Mayor Emily Larson says this is a step forward in solving Duluth's housing crisis.

"Housing is one of the hardest issues that we have in this community. It's expensive it takes a long time there is so much need and yet it's incumbent upon us to prioritize and to dig into the issues that are real for people every single day and that's what housing is," said Larson.

Construction is expected to be complete by August 2021.

Bonney Bowman

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