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City by City 10/20/20

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Ashland: Hate symbol causes stir in community

Starting off in Ashland where a piece of graffiti is causing a stir in the community. Ashland residents discovered the initials KKK spray-painted across an apartment complex off of Mainstreet. The letters are universally recognized as the initials for the Ku Klux Klan. Ashland Mayor Deborah Lewis called the symbol abhorrent and said the city plans to paint over the symbol. She added that Ashland is not a place of hate.

Ely: Man rescued in BWCA after activating S.O.S device

Heading now to Ely where a 34-year-old man was rescued near the Boundary Waters this past weekend after activating an S.O.S device. The man, who has not been identified, activated the device around 4:30 PM on Saturday with the message "HELP COLD AND WET". The man was rescued shortly after and treated for exposure. He had been canoeing solo into Nina-Moose Lake.

Cloquet: Public schools see drop in enrollment

And finally, we'll finish off in Cloquet where public school enrollment is down. During a school board meeting on Monday superintendent Michael Cary said enrollment is down by about 25 to 30 students this Fall. Cary is placing the blame on the COVID-19 pandemic. This comes as the district sees an increase in parents homeschooling their children. Cary says it seems to follow a national trend with fewer parents willing to send their children to school during the pandemic and instead opting to homeschool.

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