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Don’t put that jacket too far

Tonight: We start off the night mostly cloudy but as we progress through the rest of the night the clouds begin to clear. This does not bode well for our temperatures. The actual air temperatures will sit in the teens for most of us. With the wind out of the Northwest blowing between 5-10mph, the real feel temperatures will sit in the single digits and low teens.

Monday: The good news the sun is out in full force. The bad news, temperatures only climb into the upper 20's. Meanwhile, with that west wind blowing between 5-10mph real feels all day will only sit in the upper teens and some lower 20's.

Monday night into Tuesday: Monday night temperatures fall back into the teens and when we wake up on Monday the real feel temperatures are in the single digits for all of us.

Coming up: Meteorologist Peter Kvietkauskas is tracking some relief from the cold temperatures in the 7-day forecast he'll have the details on CBS 3 tonight at 10:00. Join us!


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