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Hermantown Elementary schoolers move to distance learning

Hermantown Hawks

HERMANTOWN, MN -- Hermantown Community Schools' superintendent announced Friday the move for elementary students to distance learning.

The update came after a meeting with regional health officials who recommended the move.

The change will take place after Thanksgiving break.

"My hope is to get students back into the classrooms as soon as possible. With case rates jumping on a daily basis, I realistically don’t see PK-12 students returning before Christmas break," said Hermantown Community Schools Superintendent, Wayne Whitwam. "Please continue to let the school know if your child has tested positive or is being quarantined. We will use this local data when we meet with the regional health team as we work to bring students back to school."

Students will come in next week either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on their hybrid schedule and take materials home for distance learning.

Brandon Gordon

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