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City by City 11/23/20

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Ashland: City finds new age way to solve old age problem

Starting things off in Ashland where the city has found a creative way to address its aging sewer system. Instead of a full reconstruction of problematic pipes which would cost the city upwards of 15-million dollars over the course of thirty years the city is trying a new approach by lining existing pipes with a sturdy plastic sleeve. The process is called cured in place pipe. The process takes a matter of hours and doesn't require massive reconstruction projects like the ones seen here in Duluth.

Rice Lake: City shuts down government building

Moving now to Rice Lake Minnesota where the City has made the decision to close its government building along with several services as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. In a press release, the city announced the closure of the city office, zoning office, recycle shed, public works, and the north and south fire halls. Rice Lake said emergency services will still be available. They say they are monitoring the situation but that they do not know how long the shutdown could last.

Mountain Iron:

And finally, we'll finish off in Mountain Iron where the city is looking to brighten up the holidays with its first ever home and business lighting contest! The city is inviting everyone across Mountain Iron to take part in the contest which comes with prizes valued at $100.00 The deadline to register your home or business is December 15th. Winners will be announced on December 21st!

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