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COVID-19 restrictions continue; state mental health support available


DULUTH, MN--We're entering month nine of the COVID-19 pandemic and a long winter of staying indoors.

"Now we're just getting to the hard part," said Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan.
Staying isolated and abiding by restrictions that come with the pandemic could have an impact on your mental health.

Minnesota state leaders want to remind residents that help is available through the state's COVID-19 response website.

Flanagan said, "If people have lost their job if they're worried about how they're going to keep food on the table, how they're going to pay their rent, what the future will look like."

The website has hotline numbers, programs, and apps people can look into for help.

Over in Wisconsin, health officials are seeing the impacts COVID-19 is having on those in the Douglas County area.

"It has added extra stress to everyone. I mean I think initially people were handling it okay until it's been long term now," said Denise Selden, an Outreach Advocate for Superior's Center Against Sexual and Domestic Assault or CASDA.

Local resources like CASDA are here to help should you find yourself needing assistance with a 24-hour-hotline, shelter, and counseling services.

"After the stay-at-home order was lifted, we did find an increase in calls for domestic violence that were referrals from our police department," said Selden.

She adds many domestic violence-related cases involve mental health in some capacity.

Selden adds, "The states show that between 20% and 50% domestic violence there is some type of mental health issue, diagnosis with it."

State leaders and mental health experts say the pandemic has shed light on mental health and hope it will help end the stigma against it.

"My hope is that we'll come out on the other side of this together," said Flanagan. "But also, maybe can have more empathy."

For more information on Minnesota's COVID-19 Response help click here.

For more information on CASDA resources click here.

Emma Quinn

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