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Rare glass ice gracing lakes in BWCA

GRAND MARAIS, MN -- The abnormally dry conditions the past few weeks have led to a rare and beautiful phenomenon near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Lakes there have frozen with a layer of perfectly clear ice that is safe in some places to walk on.

Ashley Bredemus runs Birchwood Wilderness Camp in the Boundary Waters.

She said she has been playing hooky from work to explore and skate the nearby lakes, adding that ice like this comes once in a long while.

"I have never seen the ice like this, not safe to walk on anyways. It's pretty rare for it to be clear as glass and safe to walk on. I've heard from people who have been around a lot longer than me say it's once in a lifetime, once in 40 years, once in 50 years sort of thing," said Bredemus.

She said it has been amazing to see all the rocks and logs along the bottom of the lake, but she has yet to skate over any visible fish.

Meteorologist Alex Libby

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